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Christmas Tree care Instructions



To ensure your Christmas Tree stays at its best throughout the Christmas season, be sure to follow these simple Christmas Tree care instructions.


Care of the Christmas Tree
It is part of the life cycle of the conifer tree that it sheds needles and they will accelerate that shedding particularly if they are allowed to dry out. Some trees may do so more quickly than others.

A Christmas tree should be treated like any plant being brought into the warm, dry atmosphere of a house during December.

Cut Christmas Trees
It is essential that cut trees should be fresh when purchased. When selecting your Christmas Tree look to see that the needles are not dull or dry. The branches should not be brittle. The outer (green) needles should not fall off if the tree is gently shaken.

  • When you buy your tree we will cut about 3 cm (one inch) off the butt in order to open up the pores of the tree
  • As soon as possible after this, stand the tree in water - a bucket or a water retaining stand
  • If the tree is not going to be put inside straight away, store your tree out of the wind and sun in a secure area.
  • When you are ready, place your tree in a water-holding stand and place it away from direct heat
  • Remember to keep watering your tree as it may drink up to one litre (two pints) a day..

Potted Christmas Trees
These are trees that have been grown in the field and only recently been put in their pots. The trees should look fresh. The trees will be small and seldom more than 1.50cm (four foot). The trees should be watered and cared for as for any house plant but do remember to place a tray under the pot to protect your carpet - the pot like any plant pot has holes in it. After Christmas it could be planted out with a small chance of success.





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