Important: As of December 2020, We are no longer selling Christmas Trees at Wendover Woods, but you can still buy our trees at Christmas Tree Farm, Chesham and Christmas Tree Place, Berkhamsted . We have Norway Spruce, we accept credit cards WE ARE OPEN IN CHESHAM AND BERKHAMSTED!

Christmas Trees from Wendover Woods, Wendover.



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We are no longer selling Christmas Trees In Wendover Woods

We have moved our operations to Christmas Tree Farm Chesham and Christmas Tree Place Berkhamsted



Unfortunately in December 2019, after 18 years the Forestry Commission decided to appoint a different franchisee. In 2020 that contractor is not selling trees in Wendover Woods.

BUT you can still buy our trees at Chesham and Berkhamsted. In 2020 our Norway Spruce Tree prices will start at just £9 and our Nordman Fir (Non-Drop) Trees will start at just £16. We have 6ft non-drop for just £26, 7ft for just £42.50.

We will also have Value Non-Drop Trees, up to 8 ft for just £12.00!


Freshly Cut and we have (and love) Norway Spruce Trees


We grow all our own trees in the Chilterns so we can cut our Christmas Trees throughout December so your tree will be amongst the freshest available anywhere. Come and see where your trees have been grown for the last 18 years! We love Norway Spruce.


Huge Choice and FREE PARKING!


We are one of the largest Christmas Tree growers and retailers in the south-east of England so you get a huge choice. Unlike Wendover Woods, parking is free.

We accept cash AND credit cards
  We continue to accept cash and credit cards at both Chesham and Berkhamsted. With fresh air, beautiful scenery and a field full of our growing Christmas Trees!
Our Guarantees   We guarantee our trees for far longer than 2 days. Under absolutely no circumstances whatsoever would we ever force, coerce, bribe, encourage or beg any of our workforce to wear kilts.
Chesham, Bucks, and Berkhamsted, Herts
01494 794031
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