Important: As of December 2020, We are no longer selling Christmas Trees at Wendover Woods, but you can still buy our trees at Christmas Tree Farm, Chesham and Christmas Tree Place, Berkhamsted . We have Norway Spruce, we accept credit cards WE ARE OPEN IN CHESHAM AND BERKHAMSTED!

Christmas Trees from Wendover Woods, Wendover.



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Christmas Tree Stands

    Water holding stands It never used to be easy to keep your tree upright, let alone keep it watered. But now, with our special Christmas tree stands, the job is so much easier!! You will be surprised at how much water your tree drinks whilst it is brightening up your room in its own water retaining stand. See our Christmas Tree care instructions to discover more about the importance of a water retaining stand.  

Decorative stands


Cast from iron, these decorative Christmas tree stands give a 'Victorian' finish to your tree. Their weight and design ensures that your tree is easy to stand up, and when correctly used it will stay in place. These cast iron stands also allow you to easily water your Christmas tree.




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